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Using Symbols.

Two symbols that mean a lot to us are 'water' and 'the sea'. Not because we purport us to show you how to walk on them, but because they stand for depth, and because we like helping our clients to dip or dive into them.

The sea is a symbol for the unknown and the unfathomable, for the origin not only of the individual, but of all life. In its perpetual motion, it is an archetypal symbol for life, with all its highs and lows.

The sea is also a symbol for adventure and discovery, for powerful natural forces and challenges. At the same time, water is also a source of healing and energy.

And water provides a connection between many different shores.

3 renowned Coach & Trainer Awards.



95% of new clients come by recommendation.



6 out of 30 Dax companies are clients of ours.



550 years of professional experience in our team.



30-63 years of life experience in our team.



7 nationalities in the team (DE, RU, NO, GB, CA, AT, ES).



26 staff members in the team.



2500 participants last year.



97% of new clients become regular clients.



2019 hours of coaching per year.



1864 hours of professional development for ourselves per year.



45 bouquets of flowers for the team each year.