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What we believe in.

The following credos, values, claims and approaches define our thinking as well as our action. As developers, trainers and also as coaches. Our clients mirror to us the coming together of these principles as our distinguishing feature, our USP.




»Holistic and systemic work denotes more for us than just inflationary empty words.«

We enable our clients to tackle complex curricula and development projects in a 'meaning-ful' and thus profound manner. This is achieved by consistently combining rational, strategic thinking with an emotional and need-oriented approach. Methods, structures, instruments, etc. will generally be combined with the required individual backgrounds, necessities and personal expertise. The systemic approach we follow in our work furthermore guarantees involving the entire social circle: our clients acquire an awareness for cross-linked thinking and doing. In this manner, we always consider both the individual's as well as the company's level of changes and developments and their impact. 


»It's a matter of principle for us.«

We always determine and work on the principium (lat.) – the origin or root of a problem. Rather than working on the symptoms, we ask "what is the cause? What is having an influence in the background?" In doing so, we enable our clients to perceive their own inner reasons and driving forces and to interpret them. This will give them a holistic, process-oriented understanding for reasons and action, or rather: for cause and effect. It also allows for enhanced problem-solving and development skills.


»We consider sympathetic inconvenience to be more valuable than polite restraint.«

Based on our appreciative attitude, we faithfully and directly mirror to our clients how we perceive their mode of behaviour. Anyone who 'summons us for a wash' must be willing to 'get wet' on all levels, even as our client. Our credo at this point is 'sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind ...'!


»We foster a constructivistic view of human natures. And appreciate the art of a midwife.«

We are geared by a view of human nature that always sees reality as something that is constructed individually. And this is based on completely subjective perception, principles and values. According to this philosophy, no true objectivity exists – which in turn has consecuences for us as consultants, trainers and coaches. It could imply for example, that we do not provide our clients with instructions for their actions or with advice from our reality as 'those in the know'. We rather follow the principles of a midwife: supporting the 'birth' of insights, ideas and solutions with all our knowledge gained by experience and our know-how. Nevertheless, the client will always have to give birth to the 'baby' – i.e. the insight – himself. This enhances identification with and love for the result. The 'offspring' will be fostered and nourished, developed and 'brought up'.


»We take emotional engagement to be the prerequisite of long-ranging effects.«

People as well as structures that people work in can only be 'intern-alised' in the long term if they were touched 'within' during the phase of change or development. By means of a careful and respectful emotional involvement of our clients, we make it possible to experience and sense the contents of the processes of development and change. Subsequently they can then be applied by each individual in the long run.


»We take a re-view to be the best foundation for a fore-cast.«

In our work with clients and organisations, we always respectfully assume that each and every current behaviour and structure have a justified background and will have brought at least some benefits in the past. There must be appreciation for this, even if the former expression might seem inappropriate, uncalled for or counterproductive now and in the future.


»We don't like dextrose. Not while we're at work, anyway.«

 What counts for us is not simply a 'flash in the pan' sparked by a short-term focus on action, but rather – and exclusively – long-term development and change processes without a 'dextrose effect'. Models and quick fixes motivated 'extrinsically' that have short-term effects will merely obtain transient consecuences – if any at all – and processes will only be 'optimised' temporarily. As the distance in time increases and without further external support, the level of impact will often decline even below the starting point. Developments and changes with both lasting and sustainable effects will only arise on their own terms – and therefore motivated from 'within'. This is why we work with the ownership principle, converting the people concerned into participants, involving them on their own authority. We see our role more as coaching 'development workers' than as classical consultants or even 'advisors'.


»We see strenghts even in weaknesses.«

Once stumbling blocks have been identified, we consider it too risky to 'unlearn' the strenghts that come along with them. Our approach is more constructive: expanding the complementary sister-virtue, assigning it to the stumbling block. For example, a very committed person of action could be perceived as dominant and frighten their staff. The solution would by no means imply being less committed or driving, but rather developing a further quality that would balance the negative image – e.g. the skill to get people 'on board', rather than driving them. Depending on the type of person, this might require more intuition or participative leadership. It will ensure not having to deny one's own strengths and character traits, but rather exploiting them more for oneself and the environment. The executive's qualities are maintained and obstacles reduced.


»We support authenticy.«

Orientierungs- und Fokussierungs-Coaching

Persönliche und berufliche Standortbestimmung

Things that people express invariably also have to do with their inner attitude, motives, principles and mind sets. So what sense would it make to only want to develop the behaviour, which is but the expression of all of that? In support of authenticity we totally refrain from developing mask-like panaceas, tricks and knacks for our clients and their staff for their external impact. Instead, we support our clients in developing from within – since this is the basis for a changed, authentic and thus credible behaviour.


»We believe in the trade of the Valiant Little Taylor.«

We stand for tailor-making exclusively client-oriented processes, trainings and coachings. That means drafting and planning them responsibly, crafting them, steering them, applying them and leading them safely to measurable results. In doing so, we wholeheartedly apply ourselves to the benefit of our clients, agreeing on tough success criteria with them for our work and measuring the quality of our work by the effectiveness of its results.


»We consider it legitimate to let the client work for himself with our support.«

We promote autonomy rather than dependance in our clients. This is why we consistently help them to help themselves! We take trouble to make sure that our clients – be they individuals, teams or companies – attain expertise in self-development so that they will be in a position to continue the development processes on their own, which we accompany for a limited period of time only.


»We believe in true asset growth.«

In many companies, tangibles are still economically more valuable than their peoples. Whilst movable and immovable goods are capitalised in the balance sheet, employees are simply a negative cost factor in the P&L statement. Together with our clients we strive to develop the – literally speaking – human resources: what people are capable of doing so that they might fulfill their tasks more effectively/better and with more motivation/commitment.